Hello World!

August 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sorry about the unoriginal title, as there must be a million other first posts by people only starting to find their internet voice. So where to start? A few months ago my wife gave me a sort of ultimatum. I say sort of because there were no real consequences of failing to meet it. She told me that by the end of June she wanted me to start building my model railway! You know you are a lucky man when your wife not only allows you time to pursue your passion, but actively encourages it.

Inspired by my brother who started his blog right here on WordPress to document his attempt to take a photograph everyday for a year, I decided maybe I should get with the zeitgeist and start one too. So the primary objective is to document the progress of my model railway, and as this may not always be very fast so don’t expect too many posts. My model-making is not only a vehicle for may passion for trains, but also the outlet for the frustrated architect inside me, so I am not going to confine myself to just to the practicalities of the construction, but hopefully use this blog to explore the inspiration behind it.

You may have noticed that it is now August. So did I mange to start in time? Well not quite. Ania (my wife), underestimated the complexity of the task in hand, and the fact that I live by the maxim that ‘if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.’ So the bit of chipboard shelf, that had come out of an old wardrobe and has been lying round in the garage that she though I might use, was not going to be up to the job, and it was in fact going to be slightly more complicated than just making a table out of it and placing a few models on it. This was going to take careful planning and research. Progress has been made, but more than I have time to write about now, so you will have to wait!

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