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Contrary to one of the comments in my previous post, while the novelty has not worn off, the entries will probably come thick and fast. There is already a lot to catch up on, and a lot of background to fill you in on.  So where to start? Firstly the name; it really should not have done, but not being able to think of a good name did delay me starting the blog. The Berlin Stadtbahn is the primary influence on the architectural setting of my planned model. Berlin and its railways have been a source of interest since I first visited on a family holiday nearly 30 years ago. You may notice that the current background wallpaper to this blog is a 1984 vintage BVG map published just after the BVG took over the running of the West-Berlin sections of the S-Bahn.

The tile is also a thinly veiled reference to the music of David Bowie, although the album Station To Station was written just before he took up residence in the city in 1976  where he wrote the Berlin Trilogy, Low, Heroes and Lodger. My Wife and I chose Heroes as the first dance at our wedding.

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