Some visible progress to report

August 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Before I was actually able to put Stanley-knife to fibreboard, one evening was spent up to my neck in tracing paper with a full-scale printout of the layout plan, calculating the most efficient use of the board that I had, with one eye on how I might build a frame to support it. My choice of prototype meant that from the beginning this would always be a two level structure, and somewhat more complicated than the simple rectangular example in the Sundeala instructions. As I also wanted bridges over roads, building the upper level was not just a simple matter of cutting it out of the lower level.

Empty Saturday afternoons are a rarity when you have children, and when one came along I  grabbed the chance with both hands – repairing the rotting back-door window frame would have to wait. The sight of daddy with power-tools is a source of great excitement to any young boy, and Matthew is no exception and the construction of the frame turned into a great father-son bonding session. Not so long ago the only reaction I could get out of him was shrieks and nos and running away. This time he was only too keen to help and was exceptionally well-behaved on the unplanned excursion to B&Q to by more wood and Stanley-knife blades. In the end the basic frame came together without too much fuss, and more quickly than anticipated:

The frame

With a bit of help from Matthew

It did however spend a week on the bedroom floor disrupting wardrobe access before being fixed in place. I made the mistake one night of working too late on the upper level construction, causing silly measuring mistakes that threatened to disrupt progress. Physical progress was slowed sometime round this point when work also finally commenced on the blog.

The upper level takes shape

The final baseboard

When she finally saw the completed baseboard, it was a revelation to Ania that it was on two levels. Had she not been listening whenever a told her about my ideas? The above photos are already out of date, as it has since been covered with wallpaper to provide a smoother surface to model on and protect the soft fibreboard from degradation.

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  • J Sinnett says:

    Hello Phil. I can only admire your commitment and perseverence.It is lovely to see that Matthew is interested in what you are doing and so reminds me of the building of the layout at Sunbury Drive.
    Love to you all. Dad. Mum sends her love to you all.

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