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A Simon and Garfunkel inspired title to my blog this time!

By now you may have noticed one or two patterns starting to emerge! The first being that I have plenty of other things to do that distract me from building my railway, and this month is no exception. Ania is currently in Poland with the children visiting her mother. In theory this would give me more time to devote to my model making, but as ever there is a list of jobs that need doing some of which are only really possible without the family in the way. I also have a recently renewed enthusiasm for riding my bike which is taking a lot of time and energy out of Sundays.

The second thing you may have realised is that even if I have no recent modeling endeavours to update you about, I always have a fall-back plan, in the form of the many models I have created for other layouts in the past. I was determined however this month not to rely on the plan B. I am also off to Poland later this month and I really wanted to have made some progress as there is a chance I may get to visit the original building again. So it is that I have been burning the midnight oil drawing and painting bricks, and this is what I have to show for it.

I never said this was going to be a quick, and so far the planning has been one of the lengthier parts of the process. Even on the prototype on a building like this every colour pattern and brick course would have been planned in detail before a brick was ever laid, and just like the original all the dimensions on my model are planned in multiples of brick sizes. Technology has been a great help, I have used AutoCAD to draw and print templates to facilitate the accurate multiple reproduction of the window arches. The brick courses are scored into the 1.5mm mountboard using an empty fine Bic Orange biro. The stretcher courses are marked out with the aid of a set-square, but the alternate header courses are filled out by hand. The whole area is then painted with a dirty white/cream colour to emulate the lime mortar, before the bricks are painted individually using a size 000 brush. Care has to be taken in the painting to avoid creating noticeable  patterns. As the brush unloads the brick that is painted will get lighter. If bricks are painted randomly then the slightly dappled effect natural to brickwork can be achieved, but it is too easy to paint course by course and get a repetitive ‘fade’ effect. This is was not so much a problem with this piece where there are real patterns and the facade is also broken up with lots of windows, but I have worked on models in the past with much larger areas of flat colour.

Painting the bricks
The lower half of the board shows some aborted efforts and colour experimentation (including the original test piece from a few months ago) where I got some of my brick bonding patterns wrong. This is the first of about 3 or 4 sets of wall sections that this building will require. Obviously this is a very slow and laborious task, so expect to read about some of my other models in the meantime before you see any of the below assembled in three dimensions.

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  • Mum & Dad says:

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. We are very impressed with your patience, We do have evidence of your patience on our layout. Love Mum & dfad

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