New Toy … Old Resolution

January 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

You may (or may not) have noticed that I failed to post in December, and in doing so failed with my resolution. The stated target of at least 1 post a month was actually less that my real intention and deliberately set so that I could not fail! However I did not fail by much, but there were also a few other times where I was cutting it fine at the end of the month. I have already stated my lack of trust in specifically ‘new years’ resolutions but just recently I have realized why they are doomed to failure, at least in the more wintry parts of the northern hemisphere.

The common resolutions are particularly difficult. Try the ”start an exercise regime.’ If you have a traditional full-time job then the only way you will find the time for this is to either get up earlier (when it is dark and cold) or go after work (again when it is dark and cold!) These are not exactly the best conditions for forming a new habit. The diet resolution fairs no better. We want to cut down on our carbohydrate/sugar/fat intake at just the time of year when our bodies crave them most for the energy to keep us warm and comfortable through the winter months. These would have a much better chance of success if we made them 3 months later when sunlight and vitamin D levels are on the increase, or before the winter gets started so the habit has time to form.

Time to bring it back round to the model railway. Here is my new toy – an airbrush, a Christmas present from my wife. The hope is that it will lift the quality of my model making by increasing the number and consistency of the painting and weathering effects I can achieve. It is a reasonably high quality dual action gravity feed type, and but I am not yet ready to make the significant financial investment in a compressor as well, so I am hoping to utilize readily available aerosol propellant. Already however there are problems. Although I have had a little time, I am yet to test it as I am unable to procure a suitable adapter to connect the hose to my propellant can. The hose I have that connects to my airbrush does fit properly to the aircan adapter. The available hose that does connect to the air can does not have the correct connection at the other end, and it is as expensive as the airbrush itself!

Amid all the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas, I did find enough peace & quiet in my basement to paint a few bricks. After my paint mixing dilemaI eventually found a paint colour that worked without mixing so I can get a consistent effect, and I have also done a little experimentation with weathering and overwashes to create a more pleasing result. I would however like to see what I am able to do with my airbrush before I start to apply any effects to the final production model. I do have another 3 arches of bricks to paint while I try to find a solution to my air-hose conundrum …

… and again I resolve to try harder and to spend more time both model making and updating my blog.

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