Post holiday blues? … not a bit of it!

September 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have just returned from holiday in Poland, suitably inspired and ready to crack on with my model making. We only managed one trip by train (to Pszczyna or Pless in German, the home of the Polish Piast dynasty and their large 12th Century Castle/Home), but it afforded me a chance to soak in a little of the atmosphere of the residential tenements backing on the railway that I hope to eventually incorporate into my model railway. It also gave me a closer view of Katowice and Bytom’s industrial decline, not so easily visible from the road. I do not completely intend to capture the feeling of decay evident in Poland, but the architectural style here is very similar to Berlin. Unfortunately due to an accident with a bottle of water damaging my camera, I was unable to take any of my own photos. Mind you had my camera been working, the kind of photography I would have liked to indulge in would still have been difficult with the rest of the family in tow.

I was dismayed to discover that as part Katowice railway station’s redevelopment, its unique concrete hyperbolic paraboloid vaulted roof had been demolished. Admittedly although Wiki’s photo shows it in its best light (the dark!), the station and its environs were in serious need of work. Most people probably thought is was an ugly building, and would not have realized the significance of the structural solution it employed, but it was a notoriously unsavory place to be particularly at night.

On my return to England I was passing my local charity shop and was pleasantly surprised to find these lorries in the window all for the princely sum of £9. Curiously although they are by German manufacturers (and HO scale rather than the more common British OO) the graphics are predominantly English, yet all but one of the models are still left-hand drive. It was a little indulgent of me to by all of them, particularly as Like most things, there is no shortage of them on my dad’s layout. In keeping with my habit of finding new projects before I have finished the current one, I intend to eventually use these to experiment with weathering and possibly even re-branding with some of my own graphics.

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